North American Birds in High-Definition Video

The WIN Beneath Our Wings

The Birds In Motion project is coordinated by Wings In Nature (WIN), a non-profit organization based in northwest Montana that focuses on protecting avian habitats and creating entertaining and educational media about birds.

WIN collaborates with birders, scientists, and landowners who generously share their birding sites and local knowledge, and grant access to their property for filming and research purposes.

Beyond providing an educational platform for birding enthusiasts, we wish to inspire public awareness about shrinking avian habitats and at-risk bird species.

WIN raises funding for avian habitat conservation and the Birds In Motion project through charitable donations, bird sponsorships, and through the sale of video production services.

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Capturing the Moment

Our photographers visit many different bird habitats across the continent, in hopes of capturing rare, as well as characteristic, behaviors of each species.

Extreme care is taken to film the birds without disturbing them in the wild.  This is largely achieved by using a combination powerful lenses, camouflage, and patience.

Learn as you watch

Our editors arrange dozens of individual clips into short video sequences.  Each sequence depicts a variety of molts, vocalizations, and behaviors of a particular species.

Gender, age, and plumage information is presented onscreen for individual birds.  Each video sequence can be viewed on its own, or as part of a longer video compilation.

A perpetually growing collection

To date, the Birds In Motion team has filmed roughly 400 North American bird species, and completed over 100 video sequences.  New bird species are added to the collection on a regular basis.

Bird Species Filmed

Video Sequences Completed

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