A different kind of nature video

Birds In Motion is a massive media project with the goal of recording every bird species that breeds in the United States and Canada (ABA Area) in 4K video.

These recordings are professionally edited to produce a short video sequence depicting the variety of plumages, calls, songs, and behaviors of a particular species.

Learn as you watch

Gender, age, and plumage information is presented onscreen for individual birds.  Each video sequence can be viewed on its own, or as part of a longer video playlist. 

A perpetually growing collection

New videos are added to the collection as never-before-seen footage is brought in from the field.  Existing videos are updated as new footage becomes available as well.

The Birds In Motion videography team has filmed roughly 400 North American bird species to date, and completed over 100 video sequences.

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About the Birds In Motion Project

Filming in the moment

Birds are filmed in the habitats where they are most likely to be observed, depending on the season.  Background audio includes typical environmental sounds, including the songs and calls of birds that are often found in the same habitat.

Extreme care is taken to capture the birds’ behavior without disturbing them in their natural habitat.  This is largely achieved by using a combination powerful lenses, camouflage, and patience.

Who’s behind it

Wings In Nature, a non-profit birding organization based near Glacier National Park, Montana, is directing the Birds In Motion project.  WIN collaborates with birding enthusiasts, scientists, and landowners who generously share their birding sites and local knowledge, and grant access to their property.

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Entertainment with a Purpose

Beyond providing a source of educational entertainment, we wish to inspire public awareness about shrinking avian habitats and at-risk species.


Wings In Nature supports avian habitat conservation efforts through the sale of all Birds In Motion memberships, video products, and bird sponsorships.


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